Voting & Elections: Q&A

The question on whether Muslims can participate in elections and vote in elections has often been a contentious issue, with two opposing opinions often presented. This piece, in a Q&A format seeks to encapsulates answers to the common questions one may have which addresses the root of the issue at hand. As Muslims living inContinue reading “Voting & Elections: Q&A”

Brief History of the Development of the Arabic Language

Source: Arabs have always prided themselves on their language and, in particular, their poetry. Poetry was the primary medium of ancient times through which tribes were praised, enemies were lampooned, messages were sent, and much more. At the fairs of cUkāz, poets would read and listen to poetry as well as critique it asContinue reading “Brief History of the Development of the Arabic Language”

Commentary on Charlie Hebdo and the Physical Law of Compression

By Ismail Alwahwah Scientists and specialists in all fields cry with joy when they reach a scientific finding or a natural law, given the great benefit that humankind will accrue from its applications, and due to the amount of effort, energy, money and time exhausted by the researchers. There is a widely recognized natural lawContinue reading “Commentary on Charlie Hebdo and the Physical Law of Compression”

Muslims of India & Their Love for the ‘Uthmani Khilafah: the Khilafat Movement

By a brother who is currently in India and wrote the following piece in light of research and first-hand discussions on the ground. Allahuakbar walhamdulillah – I’m learning some incredible history that I feel I need to share, especially as one will not find it in any books, least of all in the English language.Continue reading “Muslims of India & Their Love for the ‘Uthmani Khilafah: the Khilafat Movement”

Glimpse Into the Life of Salahudeen Al-Ayyubi (rh)

An inspirational look into some of the qualities of Salahudeen Al-Ayyubi (rahimahullah) & the situation during his times & the Victory by the will of Allah. Short clip by br. Bilal Merhi: Full lecture: * * * “He had two qualities of a leader Allah glorifies in the Qur-aan, when the people will loveContinue reading “Glimpse Into the Life of Salahudeen Al-Ayyubi (rh)”

The Modern-Day Equivalent Of the Bubonic Plague, by Tarek Mehanna

Written by: Tariq Mehanna On the day of the lunar calendar that Allah drowned Fir’aun and saved the Children of Israel Thursday, the 10th of Muharram 1435 (14th of November 2013) Terre Haute CMU === “So, whatever you have been given is only the enjoyment of this worldly life. And what is with Allah is betterContinue reading “The Modern-Day Equivalent Of the Bubonic Plague, by Tarek Mehanna”

Nelson Mandela’s Death, How Should the Muslim Respond?

The death of Nelson Mandela has been the centre of world attention in the last 20 hours. It has drawn varying responses from Muslims and as many issues in the past, delineated them in two opposing spectrums. Proposition Revival has a look at some prominent comments from Muslim activists across the world in regards toContinue reading “Nelson Mandela’s Death, How Should the Muslim Respond?”

Clarifying the Term ‘Islamist’

Despite falling out of usage in the last century, the term ‘Islamist’ was formerly synonymous with the word ‘Muslim’. In recent times however it has come to be applied solely to Muslims who accept Islam as the only acceptable source of legislation in their lives and in Muslim communities. The reason for this change inContinue reading “Clarifying the Term ‘Islamist’”

The Secular American Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

This brave Shaykh: Shaykh Walid Al Sinani expresses his thoughts regarding the Saudi regime without any fear or second thoughts. May Allah keep him steadfast, & protect him from the tyrants of Al-Sa’ud & hasten the release of all our sincere Scholars & Da’ees locked in the dungeons & prisons in the world.