French Colonialism Lives Strong in West Africa: A Look at the CFA

By Alex Gladstein In the fall of 1993, Fodé Diop’s family was saving up for his future. A brilliant 18-year-old living in Senegal, Fodé had a bright path in front of him as a basketball player and an engineer. His father, a school teacher, had helped him find inspiration in computers and in connecting withContinue reading “French Colonialism Lives Strong in West Africa: A Look at the CFA”

IMF Structural Adjustment, Case Study: Bangladesh & the Shrimp Fields

This is an excerpt from an essay by Alex Gladstein titled, “Structural Adjustment: How The IMF And World Bank Repress Poor Countries And Funnel Their Resources To Rich Ones” “Everything is gone.”–Kolyani Mondal Fifty-two years ago, Cyclone Bhola killed an estimated 1 million people in coastal Bangladesh. It is, to this day, the deadliest tropicalContinue reading “IMF Structural Adjustment, Case Study: Bangladesh & the Shrimp Fields”

White, Whiteness & White Supremacy, Dr. Yassir Morsi

In a recent detailed conversation with Dr. Yassir Morsi, commenting on the opening paragraphs of Charles Mills’ book the Racial Contract, Dr. Morsi elaborated and unpacked the three terms: white, whiteness & white supremacy. Mills’ book begins with the following, White supremacy is the unnamed political system that has made the modern world what itContinue reading “White, Whiteness & White Supremacy, Dr. Yassir Morsi”

Lessons From the Life of El-Hajj Malik El-Shabaaz – Malcolm X, Part 1

By Tarek ‘Abdur-Rahman Anyone acquainted with El-Hajj Malik El-Shabaaz – Malcolm X and his life story will know this was a very special man, whom Allah had especially protected and guided in specific moments in his life. Though only an orthodox Sunni Muslim for a short period of time, he had the honour of dyingContinue reading “Lessons From the Life of El-Hajj Malik El-Shabaaz – Malcolm X, Part 1”

An Amazing Dream.. Tidings of the Coming Khilafah & Great Days

Six weeks ago, saw the same dream three mornings in a row. I told only one person, and though I thought about sharing it publicly, I ultimately backed off. But considering what happened overnight in Damascus, with the assassination of a top general (Shaykh Zahran Alloush), I feel like sharing it for some reason. Basically,Continue reading “An Amazing Dream.. Tidings of the Coming Khilafah & Great Days”

Nasih ud-Deen Khumartakin, Unsung Hero, Saviour of Salahudeen

Salahudeen al-Ayyubi (Saladin) is in Aleppo. He’s in a camp with his generals and soldiers. Quietly, a group of assassins (‘Hashashin’ of the Shi’ite-Isma’ili sect from west Syria) slip into the camp wanting to kill Salahudeen. But a nobleman in the camp, by the name of Nasih ud-Deen Khumartakin, who was Emir of the fortressContinue reading “Nasih ud-Deen Khumartakin, Unsung Hero, Saviour of Salahudeen”

Erdogan is not a hero

Erdogan is not a hero. Yes, he’s the best Turkey has to offer at the moment and is infinitely better than the alternative, and should be supported against that alternative. And his good policies should be praised and encouraged. And if you know me well, you’d know I’ve defended him against a lot of misplacedContinue reading “Erdogan is not a hero”

Chess Haram According to Saudi Grand Mufti, Yet..

Saudi Arabia’s Grand Mufti says chess is Haram (impermissible). Okay, no problem. Do you know what else is Haram? Six of the seven worst countries for child mortality (deaths at birth) are Muslim. In Afghanistan, one in seven children die at birth, while in Japan it’s 1 in 500. Seven of the ten worst countriesContinue reading “Chess Haram According to Saudi Grand Mufti, Yet..”

Muslim or Australian?

by Uthman Badar Prof. Mohamad Abdalla in a recent video (here: raises this question and answers it with the claim that the is no incompatibility between being Muslim and Australian. The core of his argument is that Islam incorporates beneficial and harmless cultural practices. It did this wherever it went. In Africa, Islam looksContinue reading “Muslim or Australian?”

The Campaign of Tabuk

The Tabuk Campaign contains many important lessons. It symbolises the Rasul’s ﷺ courage, boldness & strategic nous in statecraft: in protecting the fledgling Islamic State from future threats despite being vastly inferior to the Romans in numbers & arms & resources. Against all odds, the Muslims were able to secure a remarkable victory without having toContinue reading “The Campaign of Tabuk”