Nasih ud-Deen Khumartakin, Unsung Hero, Saviour of Salahudeen


Salahudeen al-Ayyubi (Saladin) is in Aleppo.

He’s in a camp with his generals and soldiers.

Quietly, a group of assassins (‘Hashashin’ of the Shi’ite-Isma’ili sect from west Syria) slip into the camp wanting to kill Salahudeen.

But a nobleman in the camp, by the name of Nasih ud-Deen Khumartakin, who was Emir of the fortress in the picture, identifies these assassins and likely recognises what they want to do.

He hurries towards them and confronts them very loudly, leading them to stab him many times and kill him.

But though his body is lying on the floor, he did enough to raise attention of nearby guards who ultimately killed the assassins and saved Salahudeen’s life.

Salahudeen would of course, twelve years later, go on to liberate Jerusalem and become a shining example in the Muslim World.

But back to Nasih ud-Deen, who received little to no credit throughout Islamic history. The fact that his actions helped keep Saladin safe from assassination, while risking and ultimately paying with his own life, is not widely known.

In fact, very few know this man’s name and he’s largely been buried into the obscurity of history. Well and truly forgotten.

But Allah didn’t forget him, or his sacrifice and actions.

Not in the least.

Similarly, all the sacrifices made by the ‘forgotten’ and ‘silent’ people, or by people in private… or anything that is not appreciated by the people, will not go to waste or be forgotten. Rather, it may be the greatest of actions with the most fruitful of results.

So may Allah accept Nasih ud-Deen Khumartakin into the ranks of the martyrs, and may Allah have mercy on both he and the man whose life he helped save.

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The Muslim Independent was created with the aim of providing unique insights in Islamic discourse, trends & philosophies relevant to the Islamicate & Muslim intellectual space in the 21st century context & arena. It is managed by Tarek 'Abdur-Rahman, who is currently a teacher of Qur'an at a school in Sydney. He studied recitation & memorisation with the esteemed Qari Fedaur-Rahman for 2.5 years. He studied Arts/Education at UNSW. Completing his undergraduate Arts degree with a Major in History & Minor in English. He has an avid interest & enjoys reading 7 studying a wide variety of topics including the Islamic sciences, Arabic, Philosophy, History, Ethics, Politics, Orientalism, Psychoanalysis, Critical Theory, Critical Race Theory & other topics.

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