Commentary on Charlie Hebdo and the Physical Law of Compression

By Ismail Alwahwah

Scientists and specialists in all fields cry with joy when they reach a scientific finding or a natural law, given the great benefit that humankind will accrue from its applications, and due to the amount of effort, energy, money and time exhausted by the researchers.

There is a widely recognized natural law which states that compression on any material (inducing change in the positions of its atoms and molecules) leads to deformation and in extreme cases explosion. Scientists and specialists found that this natural law can also be applied to humans and societal conditions.


Sociologists and psychologists studied this law deeply and took advantage of it in in treatment, addressing those individuals who, due to the pressure to which they are subjected, commit suicide, face depression, hopelessness or harm others. Likewise it was beneficial in the treatment of the deformities that families suffer from, which result in family breakdown and many domestic issues, or for the treatment of deformation in the communities as a whole and what results from it such as chaos and bloodshed.

Because the specialists in the West acknowledge this natural law of pressure generating an explosion, and that it – the pressure – is responsible for triggering the explosion, the cure has always focused on eliminating pressure or reducing it. As a result, it is assumed necessary in all cases to ensure that the pressure does not exceed the red lines, which will then ultimately lead to irreversible problems.

What baffles the mind is that when it comes to Muslims, be they individuals, groups or communities, we find that most of the specialists (in particular the politicians) in the West believe that practically this law concerning compression and explosiveness, never applies. This, as if to suggest that another law has been discovered in its place, namely that any deformation that affects Muslims is due to a defect in their understanding, mindset and religion. When it comes to Muslims, one is not allowed, under any circumstances, to point the finger at the compression and the application of pressure irrespective of its magnitude. Accordingly, seeking to alleviate the pressure or stopping it would not be part of the solution.

Rather, the focus is on treating the nature of the Muslims and how to ensure they remain immune to the compression even if put under pressure by all the demons of mankind and the jinn!
For Muslims, the pressure to force them to submit to the laws of anyone but Allah should not lead to any explosion!

For Muslims, the pressure exerted by the dictatorial corrupt regimes should not lead to any explosion!

For the Muslims, the occupation of their countries and the killing of their sons and daughters should not lead to any explosion.

For the Muslims, the occupation of Al-Aqsa and Palestine, and the forced expelling of its people should not lead to any explosion!

For the Muslims, the exploitation of their resources and the pressure this leaves with them dying out of hunger and poverty should not lead to any explosion!

For the Muslims, the daily humiliation they are subjected to, and the insults to their book and prophet, irrespective of magnitude, should not lead to any explosion!

Woe, time and again, to all those who point the finger at any pressure when it gets a blast from the Muslims, regardless of size…… For the accusation is ready; You justify the explosion, you justify terrorism !!!

The sad reality is that the ordinary Muslims are paying the price of both the compression and the explosion that follows it, but lightening blasts neither listen to, nor consult anyone.

This is how our situation will remain as long we remain orphans at the tables of villains.

[Indeed, Allah will not change the condition of a people until they change what is in themselves] Quran 13:11

Written for the Central Media Office of Hizb ut-Tahrir
By Ismail Alwahwah
Arabic Media Representative of Hizb ut-Tahrir Australia

Published by TheMuslimIndependent

The Muslim Independent was created with the aim of providing unique insights in Islamic discourse, trends & philosophies relevant to the Islamicate & Muslim intellectual space in the 21st century context & arena. It is managed by Tarek 'Abdur-Rahman, who is currently a teacher of Qur'an at a school in Sydney. He studied recitation & memorisation with the esteemed Qari Fedaur-Rahman for 2.5 years. He studied Arts/Education at UNSW. Completing his undergraduate Arts degree with a Major in History & Minor in English. He has an avid interest & enjoys reading 7 studying a wide variety of topics including the Islamic sciences, Arabic, Philosophy, History, Ethics, Politics, Orientalism, Psychoanalysis, Critical Theory, Critical Race Theory & other topics.

3 thoughts on “Commentary on Charlie Hebdo and the Physical Law of Compression

  1. The above is a verbose piece of blatant sophistry, attempting but failing to justify any and all attrocity. Going by its torchuorous reasoning, all violence is normal and natural, it’s only a matter of the critical level of pressure, which, of course, is determined by the perpetrator. Well, that settles that then. Absolutely anything goes!

  2. If your wondering why there were no references to the scholarly work on social compression, it’s because the concept doesn’t exist in academia – the author obviously relying on the abundant ignorance of his intended audience.

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