Freedom of Expression – Are Muslims Excluded?

This is a summary of some of the points made  by Abdullah Al Andalusi during his presentation on November 22 at the event titled ‘Freedom of Speech – are Muslims excluded’ conference. He spoke alongside Dr Abdul Wahid, Shaykh Haitham al-Haddad, Omar Ali, FOSIS president, Shaykh Shams ad-Dhuha, Imam Shakeel Begg, Shaykh Abdul Raheem Green. The Summary was provided courtesy of Zill-ur Rahman

Various prominent speakers coming together to address the important topic
Various prominent speakers came together to address the important topic

Secularism: They say the State doesn’t interfere with religion, but the funny thing is they all do; look at Egypt or the other Arab states, Bangladesh: secular government dictating what Muslims should believe and how they should act.

Liberal societies claim to be against torture, prison etc. but they can cause social stigmatisation, which they say is more effective. We hear a lot about the far right – but what about the liberals? They talk about human rights, but if you talk about Shari’ah rights, they become intolerant. So really, it’s not free – the liberals have always been intolerant of other views.

They believe Islam can be reformed as Catholism was in the past. Here, the liberals initially tolerated Muslims thinking in time, we would reform to their way of life; when this didn’t happen, they moved to more aggressive means such as banning and branding people as hate preachers. I myself got banned at a venue where I was a panelist on a debate that Islam should be reformed. Because I defended that it shouldn’t, I was labelled an extremist; how outrageous.

They will allow us to speak about spirituality but nothing else. 

A lot of scare tactics are being used. Lots of groups being funded to re-interpret Islam and marginalise mainstream speakers and promote those who toe the line. For example, the al-Shabab video: there were some speakers who were on there like Hamza Tzortsis with no protection; but all those who toed the line were protected. So the agenda is clear because Islam will never submit to liberal values.

David Cameron recently said no public money would be given for those who aren’t tolerant. But we pay our taxes!

British values – what are they? Because Victorian Britain would probably be more in line with what Muslims believe then the current Brits.

Apparently anyone who believes mixing religion and politics is extreme. But liberals can mix their values with politics. But a Muslim, whose value is Islam isn’t allowed to.

So what do they want from us?

Demand that you reform religion, accept their values completely and forget the concept of an Ummah. Pledge allegiance to and submit to the liberal system. Demand that you spy on Muslims. To export secularism and liberalism to the Muslim world. Demand you forget the Khilafah.

If Abu Bakr (r.a.) and ‘Umar (r.a.) were around today, they would be considered extremists. If Qulilliam were around at the time of the Prophet (saw), they would have called themselves the Ibrahim foundation. Abdullah Quilliam was someone who gave Baiy’ah to the Khilafah and said it was impermissible for Muslims to fight against the Ottoman Islamic State – far, far removed from these [clowns/hypocrites] of the Quilliam foundation.

Abdullah al Andalusi is an international speaker, thinker and intellectual activist for Islam and Muslim affairs. His work involves explaining and demonstrating, by rational argument, the intellectual proofs for the Islamic belief system, and promoting the Islamic way of life and Islamic solutions for contemporary problems. On a personal note, Abdullah takes Islamic opinions from the classical Sunni schools of thought (Ahl ul Sunnah wa Jama’ah). You can visit his website here: and follow him on Facebook here: 

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