The Media Propaganda War for Syria

By Mohamed Ibn Albarā, residing on the ground in Rural Latakia/Rural Idlib, Syria


The worldwide media propaganda against Islam is working hard as always to distort the truth and destroy the morale of the Muslims awaiting good news from Bilad Ash-Sham. Here are some essential points you should know:

Al-Arabiya and Al-Jazeera are at war with Islam, and despise anything to do with Islamists, as a result there are a few things they do:

1) They only convey attacks led by FSA/SNC secularists, even though the attacks were conducted by, for example 5 Islamist groups, and 1 FSA group, they will say “FSA forces took control of such and such”… This is intentional, why? Because when they used to speak of Jabhat al Nusrah and the other Mujahideen, they brought attention to them and made the Muslims love them. This proved a disaster for the kuffar, as a result they will now never post an operation done by any Mujahideen groups in Syria.

2) They now only convey losses faced by the “FSA”, making these losses seem overly significant and a deal breaker for the Mujahideen: two examples of this are Al-Qusayr and now Qara. These two towns were made out to be the hearts of the revolution, so that when they fell, so too would the morale of the fighters in Syria. In truth, Al-Qusayr did not affect Syria the way the media portrayed it at all.

3) They convey lies against Islam, from sources known to be liars, an example of this is the ‘Sex jihad’ claims that were spread from a corrupt politician in Tunisia. This article was spread firstly on SANA, the regime run news channel, followed by RT, the Russian news channel, and then Al-Hebriya.

Another issue is the interviewing of large battalion leaders in Syria, like Jaish al-Islam, wherein they will deliberately ask him about ISIS, JAN, and the likes, where he is most certainly unprepared to answer such a question in such haste, as a result, he blurts something out which could cause a storm between the brigades. This is immediately spread like wildfire.

One of the most important issues to look at when you watch the news about the Middle East, or the North African states, is to analyze what their editorials speak about in terms of Islamist movements and the likes. Chances are, if they backbite, insult or spread hatred against the large Islamic movements, all their articles will be warped and chewed to paint a horrible picture of Islam and “Islamists”.

About the author: Mohamed Ibn Albarā left Sydney, Australia in 2013 to migrate permanently to Syria, & is currently living in Rural Latakia/Rural Idlib. He is engaged in various charity initiatives, from providing to the poor & needy families of those afflicted by the brutal Assad regime, & orphans, & helping in establishing schools with a strict Islamic syllabus & moral guidelines.

You can follow & contact him personally through his Facebook page:

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