Angels & Drones

by Waseem Magico

America uses things that fly and attack. They are called drones. But little do they know we Muslims also have things that fly and attack.


They are Angels.

If Allah had willed he would send them to every battle, because any human, jinn or anything else in the universe is no match for an Angel. The key point to note however is, that if Angels were sent to every battle, the human fighters would be deprived from the greatest honour they seek: martyrdom on the battlefield.

If Angels were sent to every battle, there would not be any struggle and conflict, no balance battle between good and evil. Because they would wipe out all evil. The Sunnah of history is there will always be a struggle between good and evil. There will always be war, even if there is a temporary peace. That is one of the tests of life, choosing a side.

But when Angels do join in the battle, it is an Imaan booster. When Imaan is low amongst the Mujahideen, miracles increase so that the fighters’ Imaan and morale increase. I have written so much about incidents where angels joined in the battles in the past and in modern times.

So if these enemies of Islam are disappointed that they don’t get to witness the Angels in battle, they definitely will meet one angel for sure… and that is Malak al-Maut..

May Allah send us Angels against those who fight Islam. Ameen.

Published by TheMuslimIndependent

The Muslim Independent was created with the aim of providing unique insights in Islamic discourse, trends & philosophies relevant to the Islamicate & Muslim intellectual space in the 21st century context & arena. It is managed by Tarek 'Abdur-Rahman, who is currently a teacher of Qur'an at a school in Sydney. He studied recitation & memorisation with the esteemed Qari Fedaur-Rahman for 2.5 years. He studied Arts/Education at UNSW. Completing his undergraduate Arts degree with a Major in History & Minor in English. He has an avid interest & enjoys reading 7 studying a wide variety of topics including the Islamic sciences, Arabic, Philosophy, History, Ethics, Politics, Orientalism, Psychoanalysis, Critical Theory, Critical Race Theory & other topics.

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